The definitive guide to our materials. Every material is chosen for its superior quality and singular beauty, and in the hands of master craftsmen, is transformed into a gem that will be cherished for generations.


This soft, drapey Italian tulle is a luxurious and silky choice, which features a full body and drape, with the structural integrity to hold appliques that dot the surface of the veil, without sacrificing translucency or adding weight. It’s a superfine, ultra transparent tulle that weighs less than 15 grams per square yard, with a sheerness level of just 15 Denier – lighter even than a single strand of hair, which contributes to a barely-there look that allows the bride’s beauty to shine through.

Because of the structure of this tulle, it fans out beautifully, especially in full-length veils, floating beside the body weightlessly, more so than with English tulles which are more fluid and lay against the silhouette.

This beautiful fine weave offers just a touch of sheen and shimmer, and is easily cared for, with wrinkles falling out quite easily when steamed or hung.


Our Chantilly Lace is crafted by the legendary French atelier whose fabrics adorn couture creations for Giambattista Valli couture and Valentino couture. This is the epitome of luxury fabric, identical to that in the gown worn by Kate Middleton for her wedding to Prince William. It is woven on Leavers looms and then meticulously hand-cut and pieced together with micro hand-stitching in this workshop, by artisans especially trained to do this almost lost handiwork.

Leavers Lace

Leavers Lace has its origins in England, though today is made mainly in France. Super fine, with complex patterns inherent, this is made in a special Leavers machine created by John Levers, modifying the bobbinet machine created by John Heathcote. Our more premium style of lace, this is one of the world’s most exceptional creations, with its significant cost attributed to the thread and machinery, manpower needed and lengthy process – the design process alone can take much calculation, before even a single thread hits the loom. Designs are made on paper and then traced onto punch cards, which are fed into the loom to create the pattern. Thousands upon thousands of threads are set up by hand onto the bobbins, before each design detail is meticulously woven to create a magical pattern.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a type of Leavers Lace in which the pattern is interrupted throughout the design, and surrounded by tulle. Each of the threads in the design must be hand-clipped around the start and end of each lace pattern, necessitating endless hours to achieve mastery, with few artisans left in the world capable of executing this time-consuming craft. Chantilly Lace is made with bobbins rather than needles, and is completely woven. Many designs featuring Chantilly Lace are of flowers, with weavers using half- and whole-stitching to achieve an interplay of light and shadow that is uniquely beautiful.


We have chosen to use Swarovski crystals in our crystal-encrusted veil styles, the only name in the industry that truly espouses quality.

Advanced optical measurement and high-quality precision cutting create unmatched brilliance, while advanced foiling techniques have created a new industry standard in the lifespan of these crystals. And even the temperature of the glue that adheres the crystals to various materials has been painstakingly studied, to ascertain the optimum conditions that allow the stones to be affixed to various materials and textiles, firmly and without damage to the crystal or fabric – adding infinite sparkle to each veil, and to your big day.


Jacqueline Au accessories are crafted from superior quality textiles and embellishments. To preserve the original quality of your piece, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid overexposure to direct lighting and keep it away from sources of heat and humidity
  • Avoid contact with water, oils, and perfumes. If your item comes into contact with water, gently dab it with a soft cloth to absorb the moisture.
  • Do not rub the tulle against rough or abrasive surfaces.
  • To clean, wipe delicately and spot clean using a clean and soft cloth, and stay away from dry cleaning chemicals if possible.
  • When not in use, simply wrap your accessories in acid free tissue, place in an acid free and lignin-free box or in its original garment bag in a cool, dry place. Be sure to store it in a humidity controlled space and you will be set for generations to come.